Partner with Grace

The Mobile Farmer Project

This is a project that aims to provide agricultural training and

Mission of the Project

To improve access of agricultural knowledge and information by young farmers using mobile phones and carrying out e-training using videos.

Goal of the Project

The overall goal of this project is to improve agricultural extension information delivery for increased productivity and competitiveness of small scale farming units.

Project Objectives

The aspirations of the Kenya virtual outreach project are based on the Millennium Development goals of 2000-2015, Kenya vision 2030 and the ministry of agriculture Kenya quality policy. The main objectives are:-

1.         Improve the flow of agricultural extension information from experts to 500 young farmers using the virtual outreach system, within 6 months.

2.         Involve 500 youth and agriculture entrepreneurs in competitive profitable agriculture value chain activities for sustainability and economic development.

3.         Encourage use of ICT in agriculture extension by 20 extension officers for effectiveness and efficiency.

We are constantly looking for partners. If you would like to work with us on this project kindly contact us at


One thought on “Partner with Grace

  1. A great idea which can wonderfully contribute to improved food security for sustainable development. keep it up and never give up.

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